Here at GidiSync, we believe IT is the backbone of the 21st century lifestyle. Be it business, personal or just social, technology delivered right to our finger tips the fastest, safest and most reliable way possible makes life much easier and our daily goals a step closer. This is the aim of GIDISYNC.

Established in 2011, GidiSync provides new age communication methods with no liability or diminishing assets, allowing small businesses and enterprise thrive by making most use of their capital and profits.


Using cutting edge technology, we host all your IT resources remotely (cloud based solutions) eliminating the cost of purchase, management, maintenance, storage, and other overheads required; whilst giving you full management access to your data and infrastructure.  All you need is your personal computer and you are good to go!

We believe our service speaks for itself  hence there are no contracts, no tie downs  periods. We just genuinely want to help your business and make a living  whilst doing what makes us happy.


Our Consultants have decades of experience in Information technology and Security  working on with the likes of Lloyds, Societe Generale, RBS in the financial Sector, BT, Inmarsat in the Telecommunications sector, Nestle, P&G in the commercial sector amongst others.

At GidiSync, We are normal human beings like you and talk in simple English not all that IT gobbledegook. Our happiness is derived from connecting you to the outer world with no baggage. Stay connected… travel light.